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Conceptualizing Nature
This is Goldlip's largest range, it has the most comprehensive designs and it is hand carved in wax. This range is dedicated to Natures shapes and miracles, it includes random textures, marine shapes, organic twists, earth shapes, ferns and leafs, branches and flowers, feathers and many more motives, all based on natural shapes and forms.
Even though it is a very large range, with many items, "Conceptualizing Nature" will always keep its unique and distinguish look all across the range, supported by very special finishing techniques, emphasis on contrasts between high polished to rough surfaces, gold plaiting and the use of minerals, gems, pearls and larges varieties of precious and semi precious stones and materials, exclusively collected and processed at Goldlip's large Lapidary workshop.

"Conceptualizing Nature" is divided into 4 categories:

Focusing on the brilliant fire and excitement of faceted gems in a variety of color, Flemma is full of life and happiness.

Based on semi precious gems. Cut, carved and polished to the most unusual organic shapes. This range is a statement to Goldlip's mastery of lapidary art, every piece is individually shaped to fit its design.

Texture, shapes, forms and contrasts are underlining this range. Aero is within "Conceptualizing Nature" the biggest collection and a mastership in design and wax carving.

This range is all about pearls and cut, carved and shaped mother of pearls. Marine shaped designs studded with black and white pearls: a celebration of Earth, Sea and Water.

Based on classical shapes, brilliant white mother of pearl, shaped beautifully by our master carvers, highlighted with multi colored gems. This timeless classic range is the most sophisticated jewellery labour.

Patina on Silver
Following an ancient technique from Japan and Korea, the "Patina on Silver" collection with its colorful surfaces in combination with gems and pearls is Goldlip's latest statement to nature with all its mystic variations and colors in flora and fauna.

Clear Crystals and Common Opals
A fancy collection offers organically shaped silver, studded with brilliant clear crystals and common opals. This range attracts light and happiness.

Meeting Opal
This is a collection where outstanding designs of "Conceptualizing Nature" are in combination with Opals.
This charismatic cooperation of extravagant silver carved shapes, enriched with mysterious glowing Opals and freshwater Pearls is a range full of mystic, fire and nobility.

One of a Kind
This is a range which includes natural shaped crystals and variety of rear specimens, highlighted by colorful gems and the most unusual silver designs. Each piece of this range is crafted individually to fit the specific specimen shape.

Meeting Stingray
A beautiful combination of stingray and textured silver: This range offers a young and slick look, for the more adventuress jewellery lovers.

Stream Line
This range was Goldlip first collection, a concept of simplicity, lineally and geometrical forms with inlaid semi-precious stones, mother of pearls or fossils.

This light weight collection is convincing in colours and shapes and is aimed to the younger jewellery lover.
Plating in black rhodium, yellow and rose gold are the highlights of this range, where sparkling gems accentuate and underline the unique look of Goldlip Jewellery.

Fresh, mysterious and full in colours and surprises, this is the basic inspiration of "Alice" collection.
The playful interaction in colours and shapes takes you on a fabulous journey to a wonderland of joy and happiness.

A classical collection newly designed with lots of gems and sparkle. Rich in ideas, colours and shapes, the perfect collection for rounding up an opulent life and fashion style.

Lotus Diamond Deluxe
A promising and luxurious combination of Lotus Cut® diamonds with stingray.
This collection is elegant and unique in look and material, a composition of innovative and contemporary design with unique Lotus Cut® diamonds and stingray.

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