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Our beloved mystical, and sometimes a bit naughty, Alice Collection is dedicated to the Mystery of Life as we see it. Inspired by the enigmatic depth of the occult side of life.


Aqua is the source of life and one of the four Elements in Nature. When we in AdiOre decided to try and design a jewellery range with Aqua inspiration we knew we have to approach it very gently 

And generously since Aqua is a Feminine Element and supper deep and bright.


Our Classic Collection is dedicated to the timelessness of Mother Nature's beauty. An endless source of inspiration that helps us to keep providing you with outstanding designs that are beyond trend and time.


Our beautiful Coral Love Collection is dedicated to the gorgeous depths of the seas and oceans. Inspired by the abundant colourful diversity of Marine Life, in all its shapes and forms.

eloctro forming.jpg
fearn and leaf.jpg

Our playful Fern & Leaf Collection is dedicated to the beautiful flora and fauna all around. Our main inspiration source in this exquisite collection is the many shapes, movement, textures and colours of the forests.

one of kind.jpg

Our exceptional One of A Kind Collection is dedicated to and inspired by the rarest, most exotic creatures, shapes and colour combinations that surround us. Like the rareness of its inspiration sources, each one of the jewels in this breathtaking Collection is made in a very Limited Edition.

opal magic.jpg

Our enchanting Opal Magic Collection is dedicated to and inspired by the pure magic of the Opal gem and its deep fiery colours that keep changing in different lights and angles, making it seem like it holds the whole Universe within. We love Opals!

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