At Goldlip, we have combined under 1 roof most of the different aspects of the Jewelry and Lapidary work.

Over the years we have mastered some of the most complicated of the craft skills, combining traditional technique like oil soldering and hand hammered Gem settings to cutting edge plaiting, Vermal coating and metal Electro (Nano) forming.

Below we would like to take you throw a Guided tour at our workshops, all located under 1 roof at our grounds at Trad province, Thailand Eastern.  

our design department based on a team of few high skilled individuals of different national. Our chief designers are Italian, Israeli and Swiss, and we employ few in house and Freelancer Thai local talented. Master design work is either done directly by hand curving on green wax, or processed throw CAD computer Generated system to print a wax master. We apply different design work pending the style required.

After production of master wax designs, many of the pieces designated for re-production need a mold being pressed to allow that. At our mold making workshop our master craftsmen press a rubber mold that will be stored at our mold warehouse (at cool temperatures) for re-production.

at this workshop we inject wax patterns out of the rubber molds, and then attaching

them to casting trees in preparation for the metal casting process.

this workshop is at the heart of our grounds, it’s actually nearly An open air workshop allowing good flow of natural air (which is important for good casting process). Our casting is actually based on quite old, but super-efficient loss wax centrifugal Machine.

at this workshop our craftsman clean the sprawl of the casting tree, then clean and grind the Rough metal surface, and then will soldier together all the pieces  parts like earnings posts and joining Rings, will also stamp the whole-mark approving the Brand and Metal quality and standards.  

at this workshop our most skillful craftsman sited. Traditional hummer setting of all Gems and Semi-precious stones are done from the snakes mm size diamonds to rough and natural free forms stones, all are meticulously settled into the metal using only hummer and engraving tolls. At our workshops we proud of hardly never using glue or epoxy with our setting.

we love stones and natural material more than anything, and at our lapidary workshop collecting rough material from all over the world and slowly cutting shaping and polishing to use with our work. During the years we cut and faceted many stones and Shells. Currently we are focus mostly on opals, larimar, MOP and more.

nearly at the end of the Jewels making chain, to our high polish room, and our master polisher will go throw few final stages of polishing either mechanical (throw sonic tumbler) or manual (using different grades Polish cloths). At the end of this process the piece will be merged into an ultrasonic bath to be cleaned from any polish soup marks.

at the final stage of the jewel creation is the plating process, at our workshop we mastered all metal coating process, and able to offer our customers a wide range of vermeil material including Rhodium, Ruthenium( gray and super black), 22 ct. gold, pink gold and more. We also coat all our silver pieces with a protective layer of Nano plastic particles to protect the metal from tarnishing. All our plating are Micron plating of 2 micron and up according to our customers’ requirements, and we guaranty our Plating for life.

Our most resent workshop add, and actually still In mastering stages, we just fallen in Love with the amazing possibilities with in this newly developed methods ,using electric currents and chemical solutions to Form metal with our stones and wax models. Our new Electro Forming Catalogue of designs is coming soon.

last but not least, most important for our operation, our QC posts which looking at every piece prior to moving it into photography, packing and eventually shipping.  

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